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Josh Halliburton
Joshua Halliburton is Vice President of Product Consulting at J.D. Power. He specializes in process quality improvement and has been involved in projects that include helping clients to improve their production quality systems, problem resolution processes, and operating systems/structure.

Mr. Halliburton has led production quality improvements, in over 100 factories, located throughout the world including China, Japan, Germany, England, Slovakia, South Africa, Mexico, Korea, Turkey, Canada and the U.S.

Mr. Halliburton has over 20 years of automotive experience focusing on both product development and manufacturing processes with concentrations in product launch & problem resolution methodology. Mr. Halliburton’s prior positions included roles where he was responsible for improving plant quality & efficiency, product development processes, and project management systems.

Prior to joining J.D. Power, Mr. Halliburton was involved in leading vehicle launch teams, for a major OEM, including the launch of a hybrid-electric vehicle, exposing him to the challenges of a highly complicated launch and the technical and supply issues that need quick resolution to preserve a defect free product launch. In addition, Mr. Halliburton has worked as a design engineer in body-in-white tooling (both production and prototype) and press transfer systems.

Previously, Mr. Halliburton worked at Ford Motor Company (including special projects with Mazda and Jaguar/Land Rover) & The HMS Co. (a Body-In-White & Stamping tooling provider).

Mr. Halliburton has a master’s degree in product development and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.